You give us wings. Thank you


You’ve been more than wonderful in changing the lives of rural children in our corner of South Africa. But the need is so great on this continent that you know we have to do more.

In the farms and villages around our central farm headquarters named Goedgedacht (meaning ‘good idea’ in Dutch) the achievements of your past gifts are heart-warmingly visible.

You’ve helped to fill our Path Onto Prosperity (POP) centres with healthy smiling children, eager to ‘grow’ in every way. And the benefits of the daily nutritious meal they receive are evident in small bodies that have filled out, we have seen growth spurts, and far fewer illnesses. Every child carries the mark of your kindness.

A special ‘thank you’ from each one of them.

Using the projects that you’ve helped to create in our own area, we know we can help the children further afield who are suffering. We want to go there, and take you with us. It’s time to do more!

Over time, having recently formed a new partnership with Slum Dwellers International (SDI), we hope you’ll join us in also looking at the critical needs of children living in informal settlements around urban centres . . . perhaps even taking the Path Onto Prosperity to neighbouring countries in Africa. Children are so forgotten, and yet they’re the future of the world, with their first 1 000 days of life being vitally important to their potential for development.

We’re very excited about meeting the Path Onto Prosperity opportunities ahead, and we believe that you’ll be excited too. Thank you for the hugely valuable part that you play in changing individual children’s lives and making the world a better place, one community at a time.

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