Thank you for putting little Zhan Marie on the Path Onto Prosperity


The vital ‘first 1 000 days’ of a child’s life begin at the moment of conception.

And one of our recent healthy babies, Zhan Marie born to Maria, is growing beautifully through her first 1 000 days.

This baby is a perfect example of the Path Onto Prosperity care that you help us give to rural mothers and their children.

Abstaining from alcohol and smoking is an important lifestyle choice for our mothers-to-be. And the right nutrition for both mother and baby’s development is also essential. Without these, a child’s whole future is immediately placed at risk.

children-charity-1aIn disadvantaged communities, nobody is taught how to be a good parent. Simple things like the value of constantly talking or singing to a baby are unknown. Much that’s needed for a child’s normal development takes second or third place to basic survival. Again, it’s your support that allows us to teach good parenting skills.

The donations that you give to our Path Onto Prosperity programme keep our rural babies from a life in ‘Never Never Land’. Never, never developing properly; never, never having good health; never, never being properly nurtured; never, never receiving education enrichment, never, never having opportunities; never, never being able to grow in life and career skills; and never, never being able to escape the generational cycle of poverty.

Thank you for the generosity of your understanding and your donations.

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