Thank you for keeping the doors to our ‘safe houses’ always open


Children are always particularly vulnerable to fear. The causes of fear can be danger, fighting in the home or community, abuse, bad memories, feeling alone, and sometimes even a response to something in their emotions or imagination. But fear is always very real to a child.

Our 19 Path Onto Prosperity ‘safe houses’ are how you’ve helped us address those fears when they arise. The situation can be as simple as absent parents during seasonal night harvesting, or it can be a more serious situation.

It’s of enormous comfort to a fearful child to know that he or she will be made welcome at the nearest ‘safe house’, kept safe and happy, get something to eat, be able to talk about their fears and be reassured, or have someone respond to their particular problem.

You can’t be thanked enough for this extra care that you give to our children.

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