We’re sure you’re often asked to help children living in poverty, in many different ways.

But we’re sure that none will be as complete, or as rewarding for you, as taking a child’s hand in yours – and leading them on the Path Out of Poverty (POP).

Now in its 23rd year, our Path Out of Poverty in Southern Africa isn’t a ‘temporary fix’, but a totally life-changing programme, starting before birth and continuing to young adulthood.

POP Centres are in rural areas where farm workers have been trapped in hopeless poverty for generations.

It might be too late for the adults, but we can assure you that your donation will give a child the real chance of a better life.

This is how POP gets to work . . .

  • Educate Pregnant Mothers

    Our programme starts before the child is even born, by educating and supporting the mothers. The delivery of a healthy baby is the first step on the Path Out of Poverty.
  • First 1000 Days

    Step two is the vital first 1 000 days of life when proper nutrition will develop 90% of a child’s brain.
  • Early Education

    Step three comes with early education – essential to the success of formal schooling. This is when you can take the hand of a three-year-old as they attend a POP Pre-school.
  • Primary School

    Once children enter primary school, our POP Centres become their ‘second home’. At this stage, you’d be helping to provide safe after-school and holiday care, help with homework, problem solving, and building on the four pillars of life: health, education, personal and social development, and care of the planet.
  • High School

    Then come the dangerous teenage years at high school, filled with peer pressure, and many bad influences. This is when your donation will allow POP’s ‘Teen Action’ programme to grow self-confidence, teach good decision making, and keep young people busy with sport and other healthy activities.
  • Leadership College

    Still, you might want to continue your support of our Leadership College. Because by now you’ll have grown a young adult’s potential to study further, or become a community entrepreneur.

Can you imagine being so poor that you have to quieten your baby’s cries of hunger with weak tea, thin porridge or even just water? 

Your choice to donate here would help our POP Clinics ensure proper nutrition and healthcare.

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