Our Leadership Academy: The Bridge

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The graduation ceremony of our last group of Leadership Academy students for 2018 was on Thursday 1 November. WHAT A SPECIAL EVENING. We are so proud of our students and we have so much hope for their beautiful futures. The way they encourage and support one another has been incredible to see the last three months. This is true for all our students the past year.

The purpose of The Bridge is to train 18-25 year old’s from rural communities. Investing in these youth will not only have a social and economic impact on individuals and their families, but also guarantees larger scale community initiatives, led by them.

Rural Youth often grow up with a limited perception of themselves, their communities and opportunities in general, but through the exposure granted through this course, we are also ensuring that the next generation will be able to think broader with more belief and sense of identity to those that came before them.


Our training course is 3-months long so we really get to spend focused time with our youth and help them to identify their big dream for their future as well as come up with a plan to make their dream a reality.

We know they are capable of changing their communities for the better. We wish you all the very best!

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