A message from Peter


There’s an air of excitement around the Path Onto Prosperity (POP) Youth Programme that you so generously support. A feeling of renewal, a sense that the whole programme has moved up to a new level. 

Over the next six weeks the POP staff will be brainstorming new ideas and new concepts. Ways and means will be discussed and planned around how we can use modern technology to help our young people.

If you’ll keep sending your donations, you’ll help to turn our POP Youth Centres into Centres of Excellence.

We’re aiming for computer rooms crammed with children after school, doing extra lessons and listening to the best teachers in the country going over the work they’ve just done at school. These rural villages have never had access to the outer world in the way that is now possible via the internet. And with your continued support, we’re determined to give our POP children the very best possible opportunity to be part of the global village.

Stay with us, it’s going to be an exciting adventure to watch these children who have so little interaction with the world out there; and to see how they respond to what modern technology puts in their path.

P.S.: Please remember you’re our partner in this work and so we welcome any advice or suggestions you may have.

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