Introducing a small change

You give us wings. Thank you
May 3, 2017
A message from Peter
May 3, 2017

It’s said that ‘to everything there is a season’, and Ingrid Lestrade, who is well known to you as the Director of Path Out of Poverty (POP), has given us a bountiful 17 year season of her life.

Ingrid is now moving on to a new ‘season’ and it’s with sadness and regret that we’ve accepted her resignation. With enormous gratitude, we wish Ingrid the very best on her new path.

Like any growing thing, our work embraces change when it’s needed for greater growth. And here we’d like to introduce you to Peter Templeton who is a founding father of the organisation. Until the right replacement for Ingrid is found, Peter will be taking over her responsibilities, including writing to you about the Path Out of Poverty programme. Peter is delighted to take up the privilege of talking to you directly.

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