There are those moments in life when we look for something out of the ordinary, a gift that says we really care, or we will never forget you, a legacy that will live on for generations to come. Imagine if that gift could also help to change an impoverished child’s life, to help them break free from the damaging cycle of poverty. By sponsoring an olive tree in our Olive Peace Grove on Goedgedacht Farm in South Africa, you can do just that.

Is there a loved one whose legacy you would like to honour or a person, organisation or group who you would like to commemorate for their contribution during difficult times? You can do so by dedicating an olive tree in our Olive Peace, that will grow as a living memory to them, and its fruits will continue to be a source of life for others.

As part of The Goedgedacht Trust’s long term sustainability plan, the organisation began planting olive trees in 1993 and to date has approximately 13 843 trees in its Olive Peace Grove. The olives are processed on the farm into Extra Virgin Olive Oil and table olives, the profits from the sale of these products are used to support our Path Onto Prosperity Programme.

olive tree

Cover the price of the tree and its nurturing for five years, until it becomes fruit bearing. It also includes the charge for scripting a special dedication onto a metal plaque and placing it on our Dedication Wall in the Olive Peace Grove. Many donors have found their dedication as meaningful way of honouring someone on a special occasion such as a birthday, a wedding anniversary or an outstanding achievement.

Please advise the details of your 16 word dedication in the block provided, when completing your donation, alternatively we will contact you once payment has been received to confirm the wording of your dedication plaque.


A few times a year we host a Dedication Service on Goedgedacht Farm in South Africa, where you will be invited to a lovely service in our Chapel followed by the unveiling of the newest plaques and a lovely lunch. The perfect opportunity to visit us with your friends and family to view your special dedication plaque. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID restrictions and safety concerns, we have had to postpone a few of our Dedication Services. We are still eager to continue with our services, and will be sure to do so once it is safe for all.

    Please type your text for the dedication plaque here.
    Maximum 16 words per olive tree.

    Olive Peace Grove on Goedgedacht Farm
    Olive Peace Grove on Goedgedacht Farm
    Examples of the plaques on the Dedication Walls in the olive groves.
    Examples of the plaques on the Dedication Walls in the olive groves.
    Goedgedacht Olive Grove
    Goedgedacht Farm Olive Grove South Africa
    Dediciations in Olive Peace Grove at Goedgedacht
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