Care For the Planet 2019

Career week at our POP Centres
May 24, 2019
Two of our Stars
June 28, 2019

“The Vision and Mission of our Care for the Planet team this year will be to build relationships, friendships, gardens, and promote food security and environmental awareness by supporting and teaching methods of organic food production to resource-limited rural communities, households and micro businesses.


They start by identifying possible gardeners then capture all details of the gardeners on tablets; they evaluate the state of the gardens and interview the gardeners to find out who wants seeds, who wants to continue with planting and who wants to start with new gardens in this community.


Most of the gardeners are motivated to plant and want to know when The Care for the Planet team will be handing out seeds. The team then explains to the gardeners that they’ll be given seeds in August and advise them to prepare the soil for planting season in September.


On the next visit into the communities, The Care for the Planet team will start from garden number one by checking the state of the gardens, to prepare the gardens for planting season in September.”

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