Bubbling over, being beautiful and building lives


In impoverished communities, having a personal dream is impossible . . . until you come to the Path Onto Prosperity Leadership College, and discover that it is possible, and that you deserve to have your own dream.

Riaan learnt self-confidence and belief in himself. He now teaches computer skills to both children and adults, and is the development manager at our POP E-Centre.

Geraldine transformed from a negative to a positive and (in her own eyes) beautiful person. She’s eager to shoulder responsibilities, is our E-Centre manager, and plans to travel the world one day.

Kirsty discovered her own unique special qualities. Her dream is to become a social worker, and her first step is being a volunteer on the leadership programme.

Shy little Francelene is still exploring her options whilst she volunteers.

And Jeandre is another success story. Living her dream at age 15 by playing women’s rugby for her province, with a successful future ahead of her, Jeandre injured her knee. Hospitalised, she missed selection for the national team, and the disappointment sent her into depression.

But a visit to her aunt in the tiny village of Prince Albert turned her life around when her cousins invited Jeandre to attend the POP centre with them one afternoon.

The short story is that Jeandre was asked to run a sports programme at the centre every afternoon, where she found new purpose in her love of sport. She’s been appointed as the new manager of our POP Prince Albert centre.

Should you ever wonder what real differences you make when you send your Grow Peace donations – Riaan, Geraldine, Kirsty, Francelene and Jeandre
are just four of the lives that you’ve changed by supporting the Path Onto Prosperity programme.

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