You’ll find us under two organisational names: Grow Peace and The Goedgedacht Trust, but our identity is one in making The Path Onto Prosperity (POP) possible.

The Goedgedacht Trust – ‘Goedgedacht’ (meaning ‘good idea’) is the name of the farm on which our headquarters have been located since the trust was established in 1993.

Grow Peace – the British arm of our organisation (which is much easier to pronounce than ‘Goedgedacht’) and a name that is based on the premise that healthy, happy, educated and prosperous people bring peace to their communities.

Path Onto Prosperity (POP) – the name of our main programme aimed at breaking the chains of generational rural poverty. This programme is unique in that it’s not a ‘quick fix’, or a temporary relief project, but has several long-term facets which positively develop children born into poverty from birth to early adulthood.

In addition, we have a partnership with Slum Dwellers International (SDI), with the future vision of taking POP into other poor communities, even into other countries in Africa.



The original owner of the farm, Goedgedacht, would have seen this land 90 kilometers from Cape Town as ideal, being in a fertile valley, sheltered by a mountain, and close to a natural stream to provide water for livestock and crops.

In time the area developed into a successful wheat and wine growing rural community. But those people who worked the land as labourers lived in desperate poverty. One of the most crippling practices was that part of their wages was paid in an allowance of wine. The resultant alcoholism, domestic violence and worst of all, children born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, created an ongoing cycle of hopelessness and poverty.

It was in 1993 that Goedgedacht became available, and was bought and placed in a charitable trust by a concerned and committed group of community workers who dreamed of doing something that would really break the chains of poverty. Tragically, too late for the adults, there was and is still hope for the children.

Whilst it’s the donations and support received from visionary and like-minded people which truly sustain the POP programme, we work hard at sustainability through various self-help ventures:

The first was the planting of olive trees to create an income, which is ongoing today, with the quality Goedgedacht oil to be found in retail outlets, and winning international awards. 

Conference, wedding and accommodation facilities have been established and are popular.

We’re also environmentally and conservationally aware in our organic food gardens, biodigesters for gas cooking, and fog harvesting to add to our water resources.

Our charity shops are manned by dedicated volunteers, and sell all donated items, from furniture through clothing, books, household goods, down to bric-á-brac and small items like jewellery.

With this as background, our donors and supporters change individual lives through the POP programme, with the positive results already being seen, and continue to be seen in future generations and in more communities