A message from Peter


Dear Friend of Path Onto Prosperity,

Whilst you may not know me by sight or by name, I’ve been in the background of Path Onto Prosperity since my wife, Annie, and I started the successful community development projects that you’ve come to know and support.

With long careers as social workers behind us, we dreamed of doing something more . . . something that would really work to break the chains of poverty for future generations. That Dream Came True

That dream came to realisation with the availability of a farm 54 miles from Cape Town which was placed in a charitable trust in 1994. From here we could reach out to rural families in the area who were living in dire circumstances, with a special focus on the children.

We began by planting olive trees to create an income. Twenty three years later, thanks to the generous support of friends like you, the second generation of our rural children is benefiting from a full range of development projects. The Path Onto Prosperity programme is unique in that it’s not a ‘quick fix’. It also doesn’t give only temporary help, but develops a child from before birth to around 25 years of age.

Ingrid has grown the POP programme to where it is today, and she won’t be easy to replace. So for the foreseeable future, I’m now the person to whom you can write or call on the phone at any time. And this brings me to saying a very personal ‘Thank You’.

Every child’s life changed is changed by you. At Path Onto Prosperity, we’re simply your ‘hands’, bringing that change to where it’s needed most. Your partnership is valued and appreciated more than you can ever know.

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