A Message From our MD: A Haven for Social Workers

A Haven for Social Workers at Goedgedacht in South Africa

Social Workers are a unique bunch of people. They are usually tough and are not easily manipulated. Through their training, they are taught not to solve people’s problems but to guide people to discover their solutions.

Social Workers left deep traces in my own life, and the life of Goedgedacht and Grow Peace in Africa: A Social Worker introduced me to my wife, Sarah, who is also a Social Worker. A few Social Workers started Goedgedacht Trust more than 25 years ago and positively affected the lives of thousands of people.

My experience is that Social Workers do most of their work quietly in the background. I can imagine that many of them worked long hours during the COVID 19 period to assist families whose lives were affected by the virus. Mostly without any recognition.

Goedgedacht was initially established as a haven for Social Workers in need of rest. This tradition inspired our team to invite 30 Social Workers in the local Swartland Municipality to come and relax at on the farm over a weekend in September. It was an opportunity for us to acknowledge the important work they did during the pandemic. We made sure that they ate and sleep well and relax in the beautiful surroundings. They laughed at each other while being silly and enthusiastically performed in their self-arranged fashion show.

It was an absolute joy for us to be able to host these remarkable individuals.

Yours Sincerely, Deon Snyman

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